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Our displays are designed to offer an exceptional shopping experience to customers. who are looking for high quality tools. "Barbosa Corner" includes a wide variety of options from roller and brush displays to trowels, sweepers, cleaning tools, watering cans, etc.

Thanks to their design, they offer high visibility of the tools they contain, making it easier to choose the right product. They can be adapted to any type of store, offering visual appeal and an orderly arrangement of the tools, so that customers can quickly find what they need.

At Barbosa Universal we believe that quality is the most important thing, which is why all of our tools are designed with the highest quality in mind. are carefully selected to ensure performance and durability.

cleaning displays

adapt them to your space

Our displays offer different possibilities for locate them in your center.

They adapt to your space, you can place them separately, in the front of a display shelf, at the beginning of an aisle, together in line or rear to rear.

Offer your customers a wide range of products in a wide range of products in a small footprint with an attractive design.

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